Welcome to #CILR2024!

Dear Friends & Colleagues, 
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Rome for the very special 20th annual edition of the world’s pre-eminent live surgery meeting in laparoscopic and robotic urologic surgery. We are humbled that our “Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics (CILR)” has now reached its 20th annual edition! This milestone is a testament to the highest-quality live surgery and the energizing discussions we all have had together over two decades, always learning from each other!
The original concept that initiated this adventure remains even more valid and alive today, with even greater relevance for the future. And we have evolved with the times. In 2004 , we started with “Challenges in Laparoscopy (CIL)”. Ten years later, with robotic advancements, we expanded to “Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics (CILR)”. Today, twenty years later, artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, growing with amazing speed worldwide. As such, at our 20-year mark, we now grow again to become “Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics-AI (CILRAI)”.
    We have prepared a rich and comprehensive scientific program for you. Our trademark Live robotic & laparoscopic surgeries, performed by the world’s top urologic surgeons, will be shown on two large screens concurrently. A third screen will showcase a series of 25 “Semi-live” complex & uncommon surgeries and concepts presented by the actual surgeons for 25 minutes each. All delegates will receive headphones to allow them to tune into their preferred screen, with live moderation. All delegate questions will be transmitted to the moderators directly, or via Twitter (X). Thought-provoking pro-con “Fireworks” debates by the world’s best urologists will stimulate new thinking. And, in 2024, we introduce cutting-edge AI applications that have clear & present application in your daily practice, irrespective of which country you work in.
 Live surgeries will always be our beating heart, with expanded indications and newer challenges: Robotic kidney transplantation & auto-transplantation; Bladder transplantation; Complex partial nephrectomies; Level 3 IVC tumor thrombectomy; Inferior vena-cavectomy and prosthetic grafting of IVC; Left radical nephrectomy with enbloc distal pancreatectomy /splenectomy; Post-chemo RPLND; Radical/salvage prostatectomy for locally-advanced cancer; Buccal mucosal repair for ureteral strictures; Robotic urethral pull-through/V-Y plasty for difficult bladder neck strictures; Gender re-assignment surgery; Single-port robotics; Flexible robotics; and more. Over 25 live surgeries will be shown.
These challenging procedures will allow you to strongly advance your own robotic & laparoscopic horizons & skills – and define the future of Urologic Surgery. 
The XXth edition of CILRAI promises to be our very best yet! Please come, bring your family, also stimulate your urologic colleagues to come. We are expecting our largest-ever attendance. We enthusiastically wait for you in Rome, the eternal city, where it all started 20 years ago!  Let’s enjoy a hi-tech surgical feast together!
 CILRAI 2024 will be magical – the Super Bowl of Surgery – the world’s best live urologic surgery meeting!
The future is here! Come join us!